Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to order a custom design ?

Feel free to contact me to arrange all the necessary details. It may be an appointment in my studio in Copenhagen, or an e-mail or a telephone contact. The jewelry design can be inspired by one of the previous works available on the website, or a completely new one. The most important information that I need are the size, materials and collection of inspiration. I will be happy to guide you through each stage, using many years of experience in creating personalized jewelry, also in the online process.

  • What is the process of creating custom jewelry?

I always start creating a project by choosing materials and establishing a set of inspirations – patterns, colors, symbols, images – that will help me define the style of the project. Due to the variety of materials, especially gemstones, it is a good idea to set the price range in advance. After determining the details of the project, including detailed materials, the order is accepted on the basis of an advance payment of approx. 40%. From now on, I inform you in detail about the progress of the project using photos sent straight from the studio. Most orders are successfully set up and completed using convenient remote communication.

  • Can I design my own pattern?

Of course, it is a great pleasure to participate in the creation process and then wear your own jewelry. I am happy to hear any suggestions and suggest the best practical and aesthetic solutions. Regardless of whether it is a gift or a very personal jewelry, I will try to clear all doubts and find joy in this amazing experience of jewelry design.

  • Can you use your own material?

It is possible, both in the case of stones and precious metals. Your own stone can be framed after prior arrangements as to its shape, quality and value. Gold and silver can be remelted and the cost-effectiveness of this procedure depends on the amount of metal and their fineness, the content of precious metal and the possible need for refining. In the case of items with a sentimental value, I encourage you to stick to the original material, even of a lower quality, or put it at least in small elements to maintain the commemorative nature of the jewelry.

  • What does the price of jewelry depend on?

The price of a particular jewel consists of the value of the material, a unique design and hand-made workmanship of every detail. The materials are carefully selected – only precious metals and natural gemstones with unique colors and shapes. Each ring and each piece of jewelry that leaves the Lookrecya Dream Jewelry studio is a unique hand-made item, confirmed by an author’s certificate of authenticity.

  • How long does it take to process the order?

Shipments of ready and paid items usually take place on Mondays in order to arrive safely within a week throughout Europe. In the case of urgent orders, as notified by the Customer, shipping is expedited as much as possible. In the case of special orders, the waiting time depends on the availability of materials and deadlines and is given at the stage of determining the project.

  • Is the jewelry covered by the warranty?

Of course! Each item that leaves the studio is free from defects and if you have any problems with the jewelry, please contact us. Properly used jewelry is covered by a total warranty for a period of 12 months. It is also possible to use the services of refreshing, resizing or repairing jewelry. All details must be agreed individually, even before shipping the jewelry.

  • Can I return purchased items?

The terms of online sale are legally regulated and every Customer is entitled to the current consumer rights. Any item purchased in the online store can be returned without giving a specific reason within 14 days, after prior notice to the seller and without signs of use. The above rule does not apply to personalized and custom-made items, where all details are agreed individually.

  • How is jewelry packed?

Jewelry leaves the studio in carefully selected boxes with an original certificate of authenticity. Elegant and convenient packaging is perfect, both for long-term storage of jewelry and as a gift.

  • Is it possible to purchase gift certificates?

Yes, of course! If you want to give the jewelry of your dreams and you know that the possibility of choosing the recipient will be the greatest pleasure, contact us and we will prepare the best format for this unique gift.

  • Where can jewelry be seen live?

Permanently, all available jewelry designs can be seen in the Lookrecya Dream Jewelry studio in the center of Copenhagen, at Linneasgade 35. It is best to make an appointment in advance, however. Occasionally, jewelry is presented at fairs in Poland and Europe, or a camera.




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