GOLDEN SPRING rosary ring with leaves

GOLDEN SPRING rosary ring with leaves


Available on back-order

One of a kind rosary ring with tiny leaves, gold details and natural gems in spring green.
Unique sterling silver rosary is decorated with 10 tsavorites,  handcrafted leaves and details in 18k solid gold.
Jewelry of high symbolic, sentimental and collector’s value. Feel free to contact me regarding  custom order for a ring.

W sprawie personalizacji wzoru i terminu realizacji zadzwoń/skontaktuj się.

Available on back-order


Unique spring rosary ring with tiny leaves, tsavorite in joyful green and golden details. Sterling silver ring is decorated with 10 natural tsavorites, handcrafted leaves and 18k solid gold details. Botanical rosary with tsavorite is a very special and meaningful symbol enclosed in a beautiful jewelry.

Size of the ring is 60 or 9 1/4 US with the inner diameter of the ring 19,2 mm. Natural green garnets named tsavorites are 2mm in diameter. Handmade sterling silver rosary ring was also decorated with 18k sold gold beads and cross maintaining the classic symbolism of the rosary.

I made this unique rosary ring with leaves according to an original design using traditional goldsmith techniques without the use of molds and casts. Thanks to this, all my rings are unique items with a soul. I send rosary rings with the original Lookrecya Dream Jewelry certificate of authenticity. The jewelry leaves my studio in Copenhagen elegantly packed – perfect for a gift :)

Rosaries are one of the most personal forms of jewelry, which is why I make them with special care. Perhaps you are just thinking about a rosary ring, but according to your own design. I am happy to create custom rosary rings based on size, style, materials and other wishes. Write to me and let’s create your perfect rosary ring together.
To make your prays even more beautiful…


Contact me – Lookrecya






Ring sizes

 Ø mm                  Sizes
                     PL       DK        US
      15.3          8          48         4 ½
15.6          9          49            5
15.9         10         50         5 ¼
16.2         11          51         5 ½
16.6         12         52            6
16.9         13         53         6 ¼
17.2         14         54          6 ½
17.5         15         55            7
17.8         16         56         7 ½
18.2         17         57            8
18.5         18         58         8 ½
18.8         19         59           9
19.1          20       60         9 ¼
19.4         21         61         9 ½
19.8          22        62           10
20.1          23        63        10 ½
20.5          24       64            11


For the sake of comfort and security of transactions, we offer the following payment methods:

– Electronic transfer or card payment via PayPal;

– PayPal payment to the address;
PayPal allows you to pay in an instant, at no extra cost to the buyer, even for international transactions.

– Classical wired bank transfer to the Lookrecya Dream Jewelry account number in Copenhagen:
IBAN: DK6530000013138923 SWIFT: DABADKKK

– MobilePay in Denmark: +45 60 56 46 84


Shipping of Lookrecya Dream Jewelry is always FREE!
Regardless of the size of the order.

All shipments are sent by UPS courier and insured accordingly.
In the unlikely event of the Customer’s complaint, I immediately offer a new item to be crafted or a compensation guaranteed by the insurer.

Shipments usually take place on Mondays and Wednesdays, maximum within 2 business days from receiving the payment. During holiday periods or after prior contact, it is possible to ship on the same day.

UPS shipments can be collected directly from the courier or at the nearest UPS Access Point, upon prior declaration of the most convenient facility: UPS Access Point ™ | UPS.

Usually, the jewelry arrives within 2-3 working days in the EU and one week outside Europe. International shipments to Poland, the EU and the USA are part of the everyday life of Lookrecya Dream Jewelry. Jewelry reaches the most remote parts of the world, such as Indonesia or Singapore.
Outside the EU, the jewelry may be a subject of additional tax or duty paid on delivery.

The jewelry leaves the studio elegantly packed and with a certificate of authenticity – perfect for a gift.

If you need to send the jewelry directly to the recipient or have any questions regarding the order, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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