Diamond. An unbreakble and timeless gem

A diamond is the most durable natural material, a real work of art created by nature and a consistently great investment. A diamond, meaning “indestructible” by name. Remains a symbol of noble and continuous values. It is a timeless hero of collective imagination – intriguing to researchers, collectors, investors and, above all, lovers of beauty.

In the past, a diamond in the form of a large brilliant testified primarily to the property status. Today, apart from traditional diamonds, its less common forms are also valued. However, it still attracts with its symbolism, durability and, of course, charm. These properties make it the most desirable stone in jewelry chosen for a lifetime, or even for generations. Diamonds in original shapes and colors fit into modern design and contemporary lifestyle. Modern-day princesses, apart from traditional diamonds, have a wide range of options to choose from.

A diamond in modern trends

Today, more than the spectacular size and purity of a diamond, the unusual appearance and ethical origin are what counts. Diamonds in original colors and shapes are a sensation all over the world. Flawed diamonds once considered less valuable, today are valued for the unique beauty created by nature itself. Fancy colors and sophisticated inclusions win the hearts of jewelers, collectors and seekers of the original items. One of the most valued and sought after are white diamonds flecked with black, i.e., Salt & Pepper diamonds. They have the charm of starlit galaxies that you can stare at endlessly. You can read more about Salt & Pepper diamonds in this article.

Thinking of diamonds, our imagination gives us a white transparent crystal, and yet nature can surprise. Naturally occurring diamonds present almost the entire color palette. Apart from the fact that they come in almost all colors and shades, they often blend within one stone, giving an endless​possibilities. Whites with gold or browns, silvery grays with earth tones, sea shades of green and blue. What until recently could hardly be included in the rigid tables of investors, today attracts people who value originality and painting skills of Mother Nature.

Diamonds in original shapes and colors fit into modern design and contemporary lifestyle. And a new look has affected also the shape of diamonds. The brilliant cut, the most popular over the years, is giving way to vintage cuts. As well as completely raw diamonds, are continuously gaining their admirers.

diamenty dawniej i dziś - dimond in past and today

Diamonds in old cuts

For the most of us, a diamond as a shimmering gem in the form of a brilliant. The most common shape today, in the form of an inverted cone, was created only in the 20th century, due to the improvement of jewelry tools and techniques. In the brilliant, the smooth surface of a round diamond shines with a glow reflected by tiny facets placed on the bottom of the stone. With appropriate lighting, the light caught inside the stone is reflected many times, giving a spectacular effect. It is diamonds that most often reach dizzying prices, enveloping them with mysterious inaccessibility. It is on their pattern that numerous synthetic crystals were created, from zircon to lead glass.

While this shape is a bit commonplace, diamonds in old, classic cuts are having a great come back. Among them, the most desirable rosette cut, known for 500 years. The surface of such diamond was inspired by the arrangement of rose petals. In English Rose Cut, it is the cut of a rose.

Could it be a romantic return to the past? Well, not only, because the classic cuts also have more practical features. Firstly, a slightly geometric and flatter cut, paradoxically, fits more into the contemporary and less sumptuous style. Secondly, facets placed on the outside of the stone are a much better solution for darker and less transparent stones… Especially for the black diamonds. The light is beautifully reflected on the outside of the stone, while it has a hard time finding its place in the less transparent center, which dazzles in the classic brilliants – bright and impeccably clean. The charm of rosette diamonds, classic cuts and fancy shapes win the hearts of both collectors and lovers of modern solutions – interesting and, above all, practical.

diamenty dawniej i dziś - diamond in past and today

A stone that ignites the imagination

We remember noble jewels and huge investments. In times of market uncertainty and inflation, diamonds are gaining traction again. The prices of natural gemstones are rising. And the dwindling resources do not indicate any change in this regard. Although more and more perfect imitations and synthetics appear, natural diamonds are not losing interest in the same way as the original works of art. Technologically advanced tools and certificates can help in assessing the value and authenticity of a stone. It is worth paying special attention to them, especially when buying a diamond for investment.

The market value of stones of unusual beauty, original color and interesting pattern is not often too obvious. That also means that among unusual specimens you can find real gems for collectors. If a unique effect is what matters to you, a color palette worthy of the most eminent painters and an original drawing inside the stone, it is worth taking a closer look at them. Among the truest natural diamonds, we can find real unique items at quite a reasonable price. The stones are not only beautiful and precious, but most of all unique and unique. Real treasures created by nature, for everyday wear or the celebration of special moments.


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