The first week of the new year has just passed. The week in which we start to turn our dreams into plans and realizations so that they can happily be among the achievements next year. Although 2020 was surprisingly difficult with many changes of plans, it also brought many positive discoveries and surprises. I would like to share with you my top 10 2020’s jewelry.

My summary of last year’s projects shows how beautiful and colorful this 2020 was after all. It reminds me of beautiful meetings, which I will remember for a long time, also as an inspiration for the coming years. Challenges can inspire, and even more so can meetings and conversations with an open mind and heart. Although 2020 brought them online, the projects in my studio have been created in a similar manner for years, wandering around the world. It makes me think that perhaps that is the reason for such a beautiful summary of this strange year.

The summary below is extremely personal and consists of very unique jewelry. Unusual, because it was all created for the special request, from the orders I found mostly in my e-mail box. Nevertheless, each of them is an exchange of thoughts, ideas, observations… Each one with its own story, which fits like an enchanted slipper to the one unique owner… 

Long earrings

Top 10 - 2020's jewelry - long earrings

top 10 2020's jewelry - long earrings

Long earrings, colorful and feminine, with decorative motifs. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to come back to them after years of break. My whole adventure with jewelry has started with earrings. As my love for rings and gold details was growing, they had completely disappeared from my studio. From time to time, practical small earrings appeared, while all my attention and imagination was focused on the rings. Because they are meaningful symbols and best friends of a woman. Still, long earrings emphasize our femininity. Waving in the wind, attracting the eye to the face, temptingly caressing the neck. I am very grateful for the reminder of all this. While in rings and medallions you can hide the memory of beautiful emotions and female power, it is earrings that flow slightly, emphasizing exquisite femininity.

Engagement rings

jewelry - golden ring

top 10 2020's jewelry - golden ring

I always think about rings remembering my little great mission: to make every woman feel like a real princess, regardless of age and circumstances. Priceless jewels, heirloom treasures and rings of power that we always keep close, to remember who we are and where we belong. Engagement rings, received with so much love and one little question “Would you be my Princess?” Engagement rings are designed to convince with the smallest detail. Encapsulating dreams and memories, common passions and some little secrets. They are all beautiful promises of a happy ever after.

Wedding jewelry

top 10 2020's jewelry - wedding jewelry

top 10 2020's jewelry - wedding gold jewelry

Finally the day of wedding that all little girls dream about. The moment so beautiful that you would like to feel like a real Princess. Jewelry could definitely help with that and at the same time become one of a kind heirloom treasure. Most weddings, planed so carefully for so long, were under a huge question mark this unpredictable year. Instead of the traditional excitement, fear and uncertainty appeared. Intricate jewelry with lace and flowers was slowly designed and handcrafted, making the weeks less boring and nervous. The bouquets arranged in gold and gemstones, waited patiently for their moment and will forever become a priceless memories.

Jewelry – a symbol of faith

top 10 2020's jewelry - medallion

top 10 2020's jewelry - diamond rosary

Jewelry tells both about ourselves and about our values. Traditionally, a large part of the projects are those devoted to faith. It is quite a challenge to turn something that lives deep in your heart into a material symbol. Instead of simple and obvious solutions I would rather run the classical templates through personal sensitivity. A diamond rosary or the Mother of God in a meadow are just some of the beautiful symbols of the most precious values.

Project inspired by art

top 10 2020's jewelry - special gold ring

special gold earrings

Jewelry is an art of dreaming. Imagine the textures and colors, structures in close contact with the body and soul. Over the years, I had the honor of creating jewelry for fragile and sensitive souls, also for some wonderful artists. This year, I was asked twice to do a project inspired by one of the greatest works of art in history, Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Each individual project is an extraordinary adventure, honor and pleasure of working with very special people. I am grateful for each of these ten jewelry projects as well as many more that have not been published. Thank you for your trust, inspiring conversations and all kind words. I am looking forward to this year’s projects and meetings.



Patrycja Mordalska