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I am very impressed with Patrycja’s work. I like literally everything it creates. The ring she made especially for me is beautiful. I admire it invariably, every day. Best regards, Agnieszka

Ewelina Bator

Patrycja is a woman with class and with this “something” that every woman should have … to create this amazing aura around herself. This is also what her jewelry is like … class in itself, craftsmanship, precision and great uniqueness and magic speaking in every detail, a noble stone, refined and pampered for this one person. This jewelry has a soul … and that’s probably what makes it so special ❤️

Aleksandra i Maciej

Together with my fiance, we send greetings from the warm Bahamas. I am delighted with the ring. Thank you very much for your heart put into its performance. ❤️ We are both in love with this stone, interestingly I have the impression that it changes color depending on the surroundings, usually it has the shade of the ocean exactly like where we are, it can be bright, sometimes cloudy, you can rub on it endlessly.

Olga A.K.

The next “some” years end once in a lifetime. Although you have dreams and desires more than once in your life, this is a good reason to make them come true. The husband asked how to fulfill them. My dream was a unique gift, unique, the only one in the world, symbolizing what is dear to us. This is how the idea of the ring was born. You became its producer! We didn’t want to buy jewelry at the salon. I didn’t want to see something that was dear to me on another woman’s finger. A noble metal, stones in the color I love and their number symbolizing our daughters, delicate weaves and glow. A dream worth fulfilling.

Anna Nowak

Every woman is different, like every stone. Someone once said that every stone is enchanted with the soul and everyone who wears it brings it out, which beautifies the world and people. My adventure with Ms. Patrycja’s products began by accident, although I believe that some things in life do not happen without a reason. I like to surround myself with things that are unusual, awe-inspiring and have a hint of those very beautiful ancient times. Where life was slower, full of subtlety, kindness and romance. Mrs. Patrycja’s products, as soon as I saw them, delighted me because I see everything I love in them. Looking every day at the rings that came from Master’s hand, I can see in them with what care, precision and love they were made. I know that they will delight me in the same way for many years, because they have timeless beauty, subtlety and grace. Which makes me feel and confident they will feel putting them on their fingers extremely magical. Ms Patrycja has a great taste and can, after a few mentioned sentences and suggestions, get what you want when looking at a given stone. Certainly, I will come back more than once to extract souls from some other extraordinary stone, ‘Lookrecya’, and wrap it in an extremely delicate and lacy cover made of precious metal.

Alicja Tomera

I am delighted – completely and totally. I don’t think any photo can show it. The very execution and inventing the form must have been at least a conundrum for Ms Patrycja. The ring was a prize in a Christmas competition, the story from the comment was to inspire its appearance, so the only initial information I received was the size, the request that it be “for dancing and for the rosary”, and admiration for most of the patterns already seen When the ring was already there almost, almost ready, Ms. Patrycja asked if the new design suits me / do I have any comments and preferences regarding the degree of silver oxidation. The package was delivered very quickly, in just two days. Everything thought out to the smallest detail, in a beautiful box (Mom almost squealed with delight), and the ring itself was refined – the stone framed to bring out the wonderful colors, the degree of oxidation to the point, beautiful, delicate decoration with golden lace. The effect is unique, thank you!

Aleksangra Gehrke

I had my grandmother’s ring, which was left in a casket twenty years after her death. Unworn, because it did not fit my finger, it was too big, and with a damaged eye. Mrs. Mordalska gave him a new, beautiful form – a pendant that combines what I wanted – filigree plant motifs and sapphires – and at the same time is the same gold that my grandmother wore on her finger for years. This is how priceless family heirlooms are made.

Anna K.S.

Thank you for your heart, passion and skill that you put into preparing my ring. It is very important and symbolic to me, and at the same time beautiful! If you are looking for something special, unique, beautiful symbol, or even something more … that will accompany you, I highly recommend it!

Karolina Kulisz-Pietrzykowska

The most valuable memento of Grandma, the gold earrings she wore all her life, had been in my casket for several years. The earrings were round, nice, but heavy and I never wore them, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with it … On the other hand, I wanted to have them close to remember her.

It bothered me until I found Instagram on the “Lookrecya” page and was delighted to see amazing projects made of gold, a mysterious person with this peculiar nickname. I decided to call, the same day, asking if she could use Grandma’s gold to make a finger rosary for me, because the rosary designs delighted me the most. Ms Patrycja-Lookrecya turned out to be a nice young woman, mother of two children and an incredibly talented artist. We talked about the most important details and I sent Grandma’s earrings to Mrs. Patrycja. During our talks, I realized that this project is a dream come true, and therefore I did not want to limit myself. So I chose the stone I always dreamed of: a black diamond that would fit perfectly with jewelry that is so important to me. So, I already had a wonderful vision: Grandma’s gold, a rosary and a black diamond that symbolizes the universe, cosmos and the immaterial world … A dream come true! The vision, however, evolved even further, and I thought that a cross called “Mystic Rose”, which is my personal symbol and I have such a tattoo on my neck, would fit perfectly. Ms Patrycja agreed without any problems and to this proposal and agreed to include the diamond in the plan of an unusual cross. Within literally a few days, the project came true. Mrs. Patrycja sent me drawings, photos from the various stages of work on the rosary and I finally got it: the parcel arrived by mail, and in it … my dream, perfect rosary made of Grandma’s gold, with a black diamond in a rosette cut, with a cross – a mystical rose, in a beautiful box, with a certificate of quality and thanks … emotion, delight and great joy have entered my heart, and this unusual ring is on my finger. I do not take it off even for a moment, I have it with me day and night … it is very comfortable and I do not feel it on my finger, as if it has always been there … Thank you, Mrs. ideas and dreams …

Małgorzata Sojka

Two years ago I knocked on the door of Patrycja Mordalska’s ring studio for the first time. Of course, virtually. I was looking for a finger rosary on the Internet with a desire that it would not be a standard one. I have looked through many pages with offers of almost identical rosaries. I was about to quit, until here on a certain page I saw a silver ring – a rosary with colorful “Hail Mary” stones made by P. Patrycja. I was speechless with amazement. What a miracle! At first I thought that such a beautiful handmade ring must cost a lot. I was glad when it turned out that I was wrong. Unfortunately, the size given in the photo was too small. However, when I wrote an e-mail to Patricia, she quickly replied that she saw no problem to make my size. Soon I was enjoying my rosary. Until my younger sister’s leave, who works in missions in Africa. When I saw the delight of the rosary in her eyes, it immediately changed the owner of J.

Today I have a new one, also made by P. Patrycja. I ordered it through the Lookrecya Dream Jewelry website. As before, the details were agreed via e-mail. Ms Patrycja took into account the budget at my disposal. And this time another beautiful ring was made – a rosary, different than the previous one, but I like it just as much. I trust that he will serve me well for a long time.

Monika Wojciechowska

The writer Amèlie Nothomb always said: “Few people know that in order to keep its beauty, jewelry must be worn often. And when I say worn, I mean that jewelry should be loved”

It’s hard not to fall in love at first sight with the fairy-tale designs of Patrycja, who creates jewelery in Krakow and finds inspiration all over the world. Patrycja captivated me with her unique approach to jewelry making. Before she designed a ring for me, she asked me about her favorite colors and stones that appeal to me.

And so he was born. A luminous moonstone surrounded by a filigree sheath of silver, interwoven with threads of gold. This ring is not only jewelry. This is my magic talisman, and the moonstone with a bluish-silver glow has become my friend. Every time I look at my hand it feels like I’m watching a lacy microcosm lit by the moonlight.

I recommend Lookrecya jewelry if you are looking for jewelry that is original, ethereal and professionally made.

Zuzanna Bieniek

I am deeply convinced that beauty cannot be created. Rather, they can be extracted – from moments, objects, people … The trick is to be able to perceive them – in the gray sea, in the flood of kitsch … and to understand that it is needed. Anyone. Like oxygen. Like a shard of a single, unbroken mirror that, even in a flash, allows itself to remember: “God! How beautiful I am! “

I know Patrycja understands it perfectly. Ba! She probably knew it even before me! That is why I have never treated her jewelry as ornaments – rather as proof of the beauty that surrounds us. It is enough (even!) To notice them. And when I forget about it (because, like many people, my memory is great, but sometimes it is short), something flashes on me from the ring finger … and this proof, ladies and gentlemen, is indisputable!




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