The most beautiful engagement rings

What makes the most beautiful engagement rings so unique and how can they earn such a noble name? It appears to be a matter of taste and many people assign it the status of “it’s complicated”. On the basis of over ten years of experience in goldsmith work, I chose the types of rings that evoke enthusiastic “Yes!”. My experience comes not only from working with jewelry, but above all from working with people. Women who wear extraordinary jewelry and men looking for exceptional expression of love. These are engagement rings for artists and dreamers, rings for romantics and highly sensitive souls. This is jewelry for demanding women. Demanding in a very positive sense of the word, i.e., not demanding as to the size of the stone or the well-known logo. Demanding in the way that they pay attention to the smallest details, wearing comfort as well as the originality and symbolism of this unique ring.

Practical engagement ring for a dreamer

Very often I get the questions about unique but practical rings. Engagement rings that will accompany you in a modern and active lifestyle. In order for the engagement ring to be not only beautiful, but also practical, a smooth stone setting is the perfect solution. A smooth frame without excessive claws holding it will make the ring not only more modern, but above all comfortable and practical in any everyday situation.
The band can be an original accent in this type of ring. A solid, but decorated with a hand-made ornament, the band will keep the ring classic and comfortable at the same time. This romantic detail is also a tribute to the vintage style, which will surely appeal to dreamers and admirers of bygone eras.

An active woman will surely pay attention to the durability of the stone, so it is not without reason that the most durable material in nature, i.e., diamond, will be the most
appropriate choice. Meeting today’s expectations, diamonds can be found in many variations. Variations that make it not only more contemporary, but even more unique. And
often more affordable than traditional flawless white brilliants. Elegant black, starry mélanges and sweet candies in the color of caramel, chocolate or champagne are a noble and unique choices. Even more original diamond colors are green, peach pink or blue. Replacing a traditional diamond with a rosette-cut diamond will make it stick beautifully to your hand, regardless of its size. This type of engagement ring with a natural diamond in a simple setting will not be boring or predictable.

wygodny pierscionek zareczynowy z 18k zlota z karmelowym diamentem

Comfortable and practical 18k gold engagement ring with caramel diamond and vintage note handmade in the atelier of Lookrecya Dream Jewelry.


zloty pierscionek z czarnym diamentem

Impressive and simple engagement ring with a black diamond made from scratch by hand in the Lookrecya Dream Jewelry studio.


zloty pierscionek z niebieskim diamentem

Unique and comfortable blue diamond engagement ring combining modernity with a vintage note handcrafted in the Lookrecya Dream Jewelry studio.

A romantic engagement ring for a nature lover

The most beautiful engagement rings are often those inspired by Nature herself. Botanical details can not only be arranged in romantic wreaths and bouquets, but also evoke many happy memories and positive energy. The ring with a floral motif brings soothing images of forests and gardens, romantic excursions outside the city and picnics in the countryside, or on the contrary – exotic trips.

Plant ornaments are also years of tradition in the art of goldsmithing with more or less original patterns. By using the most beautiful natural stones only, I can be sure that each ring from my studio is unrepeatable. The uniqueness of the rings is also due to the way they were created. In my studio it is always handmade from scratch, without the use of molds or casts. Because of that, all forms are unique, the lines are naturally bent Art Nouveau style, and the leaves and petals are precise and delicate, like from a spring meadow. The nature-lovers will surely appreciate organic textures in addition to soft lines. I often combine raw, organic patterns with the gleam of diamonds and polished details. This not only gives the rings an original look, but also emphasizes and brings out what is most beautiful andremarkable in the jewelry.

romantyczny pierscionek zareczynowy ze szmaragdem

Unique engagement ring with natural emerald and romantic details handmade in the atelier Lookrecya Dream Jewelry


romantyczny pierscionek zareczynowy z tanzanitem i diamentami z 18k zlota

Botanical engagement ring with tanzanite and diamonds handmade of 18k gold in the art studio of Lookrecya Dream Jewelry.


zloty pierscionek z rozowym szafirem i listkami

Romantic engagement ring with pink sapphire and floral motif handcrafted in the artistic studio Lookrecya Dream Jewelry.

A botanical engagement ring for an artist

Nature delights us with its botanical canon in the form of leaves, stems and flowers, but at the same time, it never becomes boring or repetitive. As the great artist David Hockney said, “Nature never gets boring, only the ways of representing it could get boring”. By making each project completely from scratch, without the use of molds or casts, I give you truly unique rings. All my designs are gradually evolving thanks to you who come to me with drawings, ideas and requests.

I know that rings for women who create themselves, draw or are active in any other field of art, are a special challenge. Just like memories and symbolic details, I weave my favorite art motifs into patterns. Motifs from great masterpieces, or hand-drawn details on the sheet. Listening to the needs of a particular woman, I try to enchant her dreams on the basis of the art she loves. Each new project is an ocean of ​​new possibilities. Searching for unique shapes, colors and details, both among natural stones and for the form of the ring itself. With curiosity and enthusiasm, I look forward to new challenges and inspirations, which are undoubtedly rings for artists.

botaniczny zloty pierscionek z szafirem i listkami

Unique botanical engagement ring with sapphire made for an artist on a special order in the Lookrecya Dream Jewelry studio.


organiczny zloty pierscionek z listkami i szafirem

Organic gold ring with leaves and two-color sapphire handmade in gold by Lookrecya Dream Jewelry art studio.


oryginalny pierscionek zareczynowy z kwiatami z kwiatami

Floristic gold ring with flowers from the artist Lookrecya Dream Jewelry.

A fairy-tale engagement ring for a romantic

While every woman is absolutely unique and deserves the best, not everyone these days identifies with a traditional diamond. Many associate it with something impractical or too ostentatious. On the other hand, a diamond is still a cultural symbol of durability, nobility and power. Who wouldn’t want all of this for the closest person we decide to tie our future with? A diamond engagement ring doesn’t have to be cliche. The raw diamond, in the colors of earth, solid rock or salt & pepper, are by no means less beautiful, and maybe even more extraordinary.

Personally, I like the most unobvious and slightly fairy-tale rings. The ones that are distinguished by an original pattern or an unusual stone. On the opposite to appearances, original engagement rings do not have to be ultra-modern, but on the contrary have fairy-tale motifs – intricate lace or diamonds like from Game of Thrones. Darker and less transparent diamonds look best in old-school cuts. Hexagons, ovals or the most traditional rosettes are cuts known much earlier before the diamond, and today, with their raw simplicity, perfectly fit both contemporary design and vintage styles.

zloty pierscionek zareczynowy z

A fairy-tale engagement ring with a salt & pepper diamond made in the Lookrecya Dream Jewelry studio.


azurowy pierscionek zareczynowy w stylu vintage

Openwork vintage engagement ring with raw diamond and gold lace made in the atelier Lookrecya Dream Jewelry.


azurowy zloty pierscionek z brylantami i listkami

Lace engagement ring with diamonds and golden leaves made from scratch by hand in the atelier Lookrecya Dream Jewelry.

Unique engagement ring with an intention

The engagement ring has been a symbol of love for centuries. A small item that we wear to bring back the most beautiful, warmest and most sublime feelings and emotions. It would be rather difficult to put your portrait on it, but with the help of symbols and small elements, we can recall and strengthen the image of beautiful memories for two and shared plans for the future.

I have been working with jewelry and people for years, and most of all with their stories. Each new story is an idea for a new, completely unique ring. You can choose from a whole range of ways of expression to be used in a specific case. From colors and shapes, through tiny details, texture and inscriptions, to the meaning of specific stones deeply rooted in culture. Jewelry gives the opportunity to use the well-established cultural codes, or to create completely new and completely personal, and permanently written in a timeless pattern and long-lasting precious material.

An individual design, usually co-created with a man, and manual work from scratch allow the best intention to be anchored in this ring. I accompany the project with a great deal of empathy, listening to personal stories, unusual intentions and emotions accompanying the decision to enter into a serious relationship. Working by hand from scratch with every detail of an item, I have the opportunity to be a part this extraordinary process to some extent. I have the opportunity to anchor my most beautiful memories and plans for the future in this tiny unique object.

I try to turn every ring-making process into an amazing journey and adventure. I invite you to talk and express your opinion, and during the entire process of jewelcrafting, I share the progress taking place in the studio and allow you to track the effects to make it transparent and even more custom.

oryginalny zloty pierscionek z szafirem w kolorze morza

Original engagement ring with a hint of vintage and ocean-colored sapphire made to order at the Lookrecya Dream Jewelry studio.


zloty pszafirem i listkamiierscionek z

A unique engagement ring with a story about the three seasons, made on special order in the Lookrecya Dream Jewelry studio.


zloty pierscionek z kamieniem ksiezycowym i skrzydlami

A unique engagement ring inspired by light and made to order in the Lookrecya Dream Jewelry studio.

The most beautiful engagement rings from the Lookrecya Dream Jewelry studio

All the rings from my Lookrecya Dream Jewelry studio are hand-made unique pieces made of dreams. Choose one of the already-made pieces, or design the perfect engagement ring with me, based on previous designs or a completely new idea. I create all rings by hand from scratch, and most of the jewelry is made on an individual order. This is a great opportunity to create your dream engagement ring, ideally suited to the expectations of the future bride. I will be happy to hear your story, advise you or create a unique pattern especially for you.

Contact me for a meeting where we will discuss the details of the most beautiful engagement ring design for your beloved.
I invite you to meet online and live in my studio, in the heart of the fairy-tale Copenhagen.

Patrycja Mordalska
Lookrecya Dream Jewelry

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zlote pierscionki z kolorowymi kamieniami i diamentami

The most beautiful engagement rings made from scratch by hand from 18k gold and natural gemstones at the Lookrecya Dream Jewelry studio